Growth Chat: Gloria Johnson, Head of Mobile Product @ Loot Crate

São Paulo
Thu, Nov 17, 2016, 4:00 PM (GMT-2)


Thursday, Nov 17
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (-02)


Online São PauloBR

About this event

Topic: "“Performance-Based Product: Cultivating a Culture of Data & Insights”

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Gloria is the head of mobile product at Loot Crate, where she is currently leading the development of an in-house, native app rewrite. She has worked on mobile games, geo-location based apps, commerce apps, and social networks. She has also worked in adtech, managing SDK development for offline ad attribution.

Gloria has built and structured product teams, tuned game economies at scale, and scaled top 50 grossing apps. Her most notable accomplishment includes making the “Top 50 Grossing Apps” chart with fewer than 10k DAU.

When joining a company, her first task is surveying the analytics landscape. What tools are they using? How are they using them? How the systems talking to each other? Who’s looking at the data? More often than not, not enough people are looking at the data. Insights stop at the dashboards. Product managers fall prey to looking only at profile-level information, when in practice, users are taking action long before they log in.

In order to create a performance-based product, companies would best be served tying all the data together. How did a user get here? How many ads were they exposed to? Which ones? What did they do before logging in? After? What tests were they in? What notifications did they receive? What crashes did that user encounter? Although it may seem like noise or a path to analysis paralysis, when implemented correctly, these inputs can help inform inform product and marketing strategies and even LTV or eCPI models.